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I am looking for recommendations for a laptop with a 17" screen....

Any personal experiences anyone might want to share?



Re: Recommendations?

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Yes, such a one is called a "Lapshelf".
Might just al well use a desktop.

Re: Recommendations?

On 11/06/2012 04:06 PM, Sjouke Burry wrote:
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If you're a frequent flyer the larger screen might be worth the bulk
penalty for better game immersion in-flight.


Re: Recommendations?

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If it's a laptop that you will be frequently carrying around then a 17"
screen might mean that the laptop is a bit heavier than you might like.
That's the feedback I've had from salesmen and saleswomen who have travelled
with large laptops. If its only for use at a single location, so moving it
from a desk to a table then this is unlikley to be a consideration.

Personally I'd start with a good brand. With ever manufacturer there will be
people who have had bad experiences. Personally I've had bad experiences
with HP, Sony and unbranded laptops. So if it were me I wouldn't want to buy
a laptop from anyone but Dell.

Can't give you a specific recommendation as it depends on other factors too,
like speed, memory, disk etc. On the Dell website they now provide a search
tool to let you play with a number of options.

Hope this helps.
 Brian Cryer

Re: Recommendations?

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Thanks for responding.  What I am looking to hear from is anyone who
actually has a 17 inch laptop that they are happy with.  Just simply

I know about Dell and have been a dell user for over 20 years.

I also realize that the 17 inch laptop is bulky, although not as bulky
as a desktop as one poster suggested.  And they are far easier to put
in a backpack than a desktop.

And I really like the feel of the 17 inch laptop.  The laptop sets
well on my work area desk without taking up a lot of real estate. Its
portable enough that I can move it without having to unplug numerous
attachments except for the power cord.  And the large display is just
right for me.

I was considering a new Dell XPS 17 L702x, right before they stopped
production on that model.  I recently purchased two dell XPS 17 L702x
from the dell outlet store.  I had to return them both due to
significant issues right out of the box that dell TS could not fix
even though they were "Dell Recertified".  I am not sure about the
Inspiron 17r with a 17 inch screen, as the reviews seem to be mixed.
However, it is not my intent here to criticize Dell, as my past
experience with them has been generally good.

Furthermore, right now I am looking at a Dell Precision Mobile
Workstation M6600.  That model does appear to be able to serve me for
the next several years.  I know its heavy, but it still lighter and
less bulky than a desktop.

I have ruled out Alienware.  I can't get into the design concept for
those laptops.

However, I have visited the Newegg and other site and see a large
number of 17 inch laptops.  Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Toshiba, Sony,
HP, and so on.  So I am figuring that someone has to be buying and
using these laptops and, perhaps, a few of those individuals are in
this group.   I have googled reviews for different models and
manufacturers, but reviews can not replace actual personal
experiences, day in and day out with a particular model.

You have already mentioned HP and Sony so that is helpful.  But I want
more than opinions or educated guesses.

Whatever I purchase will be replacing a four year going on five years
old Dell XPS m1530 that is still serving me well, except for the
display size.

If anyone in this group has a 17 inch laptop, be it a dual core or
quad core processor, that they are pleased with and willing to share
their experiences, I would like to hear from them.


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