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I am in the market for a good managed gigabit switch with about 24
10/100/1000Base-T ports, preferably at a good price point.  Reliability and
performance are key.

Recommendations of good brands, models (or reviews, etc.), anyone ?


Ps. In the past we have used HP ProCurve 2424, etc. for our 10/100 switches,
and are quite happy with them.  But their 24-port gigabit switches seems to
have some performance problems: (the test is about a
year old, though).

Re: Recommendation, Gigabit switches

*** Extreme Networks Summit7i ***
- Non-stop reliability of critical enterprise applications through EAPS
- 64 Gbps non-blocking switch fabric bandwidth
- Wire-speed IP/IPX routing at 48 million packets per second
- Wire-speed RIP v1 and v2, OSPF, BGP4, DVMRP and PIM routing,
essential for core or aggregation deployment
- 32 Gigabit Ethernet ports: 28 auto-negotiating 100/1000BASE-T or
1000BASE-SX ports, plus four GBIC-based 1000BASE-X ports supporting
short to long reach Gigabit optics
- Policy-Based Quality of Service, including bandwidth management and
- Access policies for network control and security
- Server load balancing and web cache redirection
- Fault tolerant: multiple load-sharing trunks; multiple spanning
trees; Extreme Standby Router Protocol; and redundant, load-sharing
power supplies
- Extensive management through HTTP, SNMP, RMON, and command line
- ESRP provides resiliency at both Layer 2 and Layer 3
- VRRP for standards-compliant dual homing
- Full OSPF, and OSPF Equal Cost Multi-Path routing
- 4,096 IEEE 802.1Q VLANs
- IEEE 802.1ad compatible link aggregation
- Switch and route jumbo frames

I personally recommend Extreme Networks because of the wire-speed,
non-blocking, and features.


Re: Recommendation, Gigabit switches


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I have been quite happy with a Compex 8 port managed switch, but
probably running at lighter load than what you have.  It was surpringly

Compex make a a 24 port version (GSC2024WM) which you may want to check
out.  It seems they "upgraded" the specs from 10/100 to 10/100/1000 on
this model.


Re: Recommendation, Gigabit switches

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Personally, there's a longshine 8 port (manageable) cooper
10/100/1000 Mbit switch ( /) flying around
here, you can get it with 24 ports if you want, both have some
nice features, VLAN/QOS and alike. Haven't made much performance
test, have to move the beast first, it's sitting next to me and
the small fan is making to much noise.;(

The problem is your "good price point", if only reliability and
performance would be a concern, get some fat cisco, preferable
with fiber (SX) connectors, they rock!

Got the "longshine" switch simply because it was the only
affordable manageable (serial RS232) GBit switch available to me.

Good luck

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Re: Recommendation, Gigabit switches

Thanks for the recommendations.

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