Recommend good external drive?

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I have a Western Digital Mybook 500 GB.  It's been on the blink for a year
and is not responding at all since yesterday.  Data can be recovered, and
I've contacted WD and am waiting for a response.

Any experience out there with external drives?  Preferred brands?

Thanks for any wisdom.

Re: Recommend good external drive?

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electrical/mechanical things can and do fail..........

so if we recommend a make at least one or may be even two of that make have

luck of the draw affraid.

Re: Recommend good external drive?

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 12:21:25 +0900, "Vidbex"

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Anything major branded with a fan in the enclosure, or buy
without the fan then use a door hole bit to drill a hole and
add your own fan to whatever you choose, tapping into the
PSU input for the fan power.  Passive enclosures = more
problems than they're worth, a low RPM fan can be inaudible,
even a higher RPM fan can be if a 1-2W resistive current
limit resistor is placed in series with the fan lead.

On the other hand, some enclosure and/or external power
brick PSU are crudely made, if you have a clean source of
the same (12V?) power you might try supplying the enclosure
with that alternate PSU and see if it works again... meaning
you don't need another enclosure if it works, just a repair
or replacement of the current PSU.

Re: Recommend good external drive?

Vidbex wrote:
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Find an enclosure with a fan, even if it means buying a separate
enclosure, a drive mechanism, and installing it yourself. Based
on the reviews for some of these "Mybook" style devices, I
would not take one if it was given to me for free. Who wants
to be doing data recovery all the time ?


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