Re: Why doesn't Apple start making operating systems for x86 PC's?

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This question ignores some obvious facts.

Apple missed the boat years ago when Steve W. made a decision against
licensing Apple technology to other companies.  That decision sealed
Apple's fate as a limited operation pushing a niche product.  No
matter how good it is, it needed to fill a void while that void was
still there.  But it's not there anymore.  For better or worse,
Microsoft has filled it.

It's not a matter of whether Apple should do this or that.  It's more
a matter of whether Apple will survive at all.  The over-cited
Beta/VHS war proved that the best product doesn't always win in the
end.  It took a long time for Beta to die, but that has now
effectively happened.  IMHO, the same thing will happen to Apple.

Steve W. had a fantastic product, but he was completely stupid when it
came to making good business decisions and was too pig headed to
listen to those who knew what they were talking about.

Bill G. wasn't all that smart when it came to computer technology, but
he was a near genius at making business decisions, and he listened to
people who knew more than he did.

Too bad Bill didn't have Steve's product and too bad Steve didn't have
Bill's business sense.  Look who got screwed because of that.


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