Re: Why doesn't Apple start making operating systems for x86 PC's?

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On 28 Apr 2005 18:10:22 -0700, (Henrietta K
Thomas) wrote:

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In a book about Apple back in 90s they talked about that topic. That
was before the big Jobs revived Apple. A faction wanted Apple to quit
hardware and concentrate on software and open the door to clones like
the PC market as a model. They thought opening the mkt to clones would
vastly increase the mkt share and that hardware was a losing business.
At the time in fact they started licensing clones.  I think that was
when Jobs was starting to make a comeback there and he was totally
against it along with another faction. They felt they would lose
control of the mkt and they would lose the unique qualities of what
made Apple special which was part hardware and software. If I were
there at that moment I would probably side with the pro-hardware clone
people as Apple seemed like old news at that point. You have to give
Jobs credit despite several slides downward again. He wasnt the
perfect genius making all the right moves since he started guiding
Apple again but just reviving it to the degree he has is astonishing.

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