Re: What are common things that cause hard drive failure?

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On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:10:08 -0500, william

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bad power


handling stress (for example dropping it, knocking over a
running system, etc)

installation stress (for example scraping the PCB on
somethign and knocking a surface mount part or cracking a
solder joint)

Parts inperfections - nothing is ever *perfect*, but if a
bearing is off by a little it'll wear out faster.

High useage - If you are constantly seeking for data,
continuously, it should wear out the bearings faster.
Supposedly they are rated well enough that it shouldn't
matter but in practice I've heard of people using drives for
constant editing or video capture and finding they had a
shorter life than expected.  It's not a scientifically valid
sample size by any stretch but it seems the drives have
shorter lifes than if just sitting idle but spinning.
Similar could happen on a system without enough memory, that
it's constantly accessing the windows swapfile, and
continually reloading the same files from HDD instead of
retaining them in the memory cache.

Connector damage- overly aggressive installer, poor
tolerance connectors that are a tight fit, or a heavy or
tightly bent cable that is flexing the end of the drive PCB
a little (a little too much, that is).

I'm sure there's more but that's a start...

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