Re: Western Digital hard drives are garbage

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Interesting, but I have to dissagree, I have used 80 Gb J-B's as
regularly as drinking coffee with no more trouble than with any other
brand, Maxtors are also OK, as are Seagate barracudas.

The 8 Mb J-B will be faster than the others, although there is a
"trick" that many don't know about the WD drive, REMOVE ALL DRIVE
JUMPERS when using them as a single master or they will simply refuse
to work or be found by any board.

Good chance is that you have bought them from the same place and got a
dodgy batch, as I did with 4 Tyan S2466 N-4M boards, they are meant to
be good boards, where the simple act of shutting them down would mean
they would not restart the next day, all went the same way, and all
bought from the same place.

Go figure that ?  Same as all my Tyan / Intel boards, not a glitch

Evil spirits perhaps.

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