Re-use HP tx2500 touchscreen on desktop monitor

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I have (probably had :() a TX2500 Tablet, which had the 'classic GPU
overheating defect'
( )
and is not working anymore.

I tried the 're-soldering method'
) mentioned on youtube
several times with no luck..

Replacing the motherboard will cost me more than the cost of a new
laptop :eek:

In fact, the only thing I needed in that tablet was the *touchscreen*,
since it is the only tablet that is available in my territory and no
independent touchscreens are sold here, so:

All I want to do is to take out the touchscreen and use it on a Desktop
Monitor (or LCD).

I heard that the Touchscreen is USB type and I guess it will be easier
to just take it off and connect it to my Desktop PC USB, but I don't
know how to do that..

So, PLEASE: *How can I re-use my TX2500 Touchscreen on a Desktop


PS: Here is a picture of the 4 connections which (I guess) are the USB
connections, am I right??? :confused:


Re: Re-use HP tx2500 touchscreen on desktop monitor

Drycola wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
( )
Quoted text here. Click to load it

See the table "Comparison of touchscreen technologies" at the bottom
of the page. It could be, your touchscreen is "4-wire resistive".

If you look at information on this site, you can see examples of
their 5-wire resistive technology.

They use a chip to convert the 5-wire analog voltages, into digital
coordinates for RS232 serial or USB interface. Near the bottom of
the second page, you can see an example of the circuitry used to
convert the analog signals into digital coordinates.

My guess is, you'll need to save the conversion chip, soldered
to the TX2500 motherboard, to make the touch panel work. The interface
shown in your picture, is not USB - it is likely analog levels.


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