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If I look at this similar product, there are two operating modes. /

One mode appears to be a proprietary file system link. It allows
you to see the disks on the two computers, viewable in two windows.
This mode does not imply a network connection, with IP addresses
and the like.

The other operating mode is a networking mode.

It does not explain why it is not working, but if you are using
the special file system mode, then fiddling with firewalls
likely won't help. If you are trying to run it in a true
networking mode, then networking debugging tricks will help you.

By the way, this device is connecting the ground of two computers
together. It is best if the computers are at the same ground
potential. I've worked in some office buildings, where the ground
on either side of the room is not at exactly the same potential,
and connecting two computers with your USB linking device could
potentially be affected by the ground. (The reason this doesn't
happen for Ethernet cabling, is there is no ground in Ethernet.
Just the signal wires.) Running the computers off the
same extension cord should give them a common ground, as would
running the laptop off battery while the laptop and desktop
are connected together.

Maybe this is your user manual ?

This manual discusses setting up networking. You can select
between the special file sharing mode, or more standard

There is a third doc. Happy reading.

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