Re-usable RJ45 ends

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Hi everyone,

I replaced a few lengths of CAT5 around the house the other day and was just
looking at the pile of cut-off RJ45 ends thinking wouldn't it be cool if
they made a re-usable version (you could remove it and re-crimp).

The idea is not so much to save on the ends (I buy bags of 100x  anyway),
but rather to save time on re-stripping cables. For example I might need to
remove the end so I can pull the cable through one hole and put it through
into a different room. I have to cut the ends, and then re-strip and crimp
when I'm finished.  If they made removable RJ45 ends, I'd just have to
remove and re-crimp when I'm done.. no more stripping and trimming wires !

Does such a beast exist ?


P.S. Wall sockets are not an option for me as I don't own the house so can't
be cutting holes in the walls.

Re: Re-usable RJ45 ends

I have an in line 8way connector that works on the same principle as
telephone connections. I can't remember where I bought it from but I seem to
remember seeing reusable RJ45s but they weren't cheap.

Re: Re-usable RJ45 ends

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You mean a female to female RJ45 coupler ?


Re: Re-usable RJ45 ends

No, it's a wiring junction box that needs the use of an 'insertion tool' to
push the wires into a slot ... the same method as wiring up a UK phone

This is what I was trying to remember - the 2 part RJ45 halfway down the

Then you've got this typye of thing but read the comments further down the
( product link shortened)

Later, much later.
I've just found it. It's called a 'Krone Punchdown CAT5e Inline Coupler '
available from Autdirect, last but one item;

Not the most elegant solution but ok if you're desperate or have poor

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