Re: Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

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omg no help at all thanks guys, am any hits when i press the power
button computer turns on like the fans and lights but the screen stays
off and then jsut the cpu fan keeps on getting louder and louder.
Might it be the mother bored cause it is integrated graphics, and ram
is fine. so is it mother board??????

Re: Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

On Tue, 15 May 2007 13:37:12 -0000, no@spam.invalid (technoboy) wrote:

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Try to reset your motherboard BIOS by remove the coin battery OR reset
the jumper.


Re: Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

WebWalker wrote:
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If you look at a picture of it, it is an "all-in-one" computer.
The motherboard is probably just behind the LCD display.
Designs like that are similar in ways to a laptop, but
with a little bit more room. Still a challenge to get the
chassis open (might have those tabs that keep the thing shut -
when I opened up a unit similar to that, my biggest fear was
breaking a plastic tab). So it won't be an easy matter to
get at the coin cell battery.

In any case, I'd want to have a visual look inside at it,
to see if maybe there are bad caps.

The other issue, might be the power supply. Integrated power
supplies are small in those, and if the power supply had
a problem, you'd have a devil of a time to find a substitute.
It might well require getting a replacement supply from Sony,
if it had to be replaced.

The fact that the fans run, might mean the 12V is still working.
It might take a bit of work with a multimeter, to see if things
are in reasonable shape voltage wise. It could well use a standard
ATX power connector, and probing the pins while it is still connected,
would give access to the voltage values.

And the reason the fan runs at full blast, is there is no processor
to tell it to run slower.

So the first challenge, will be getting the chassis open...

If it has got any time left on the warranty, it would be
well worth investigating the warranty terms.


Re: Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

technoboy wrote:
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You got help.  Maybe you should look to your news-server.

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