Re: Slow if share IDE port between HDD and CD-ROM - Extender card?

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On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 14:28:58 +0100, Mark M

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"Should" is relative.  Yes, having the swapfile drive on a
different IDE channel (or controller of course) will
increase performance some in theory.  In practice, "most" of
the performance gain is from use of the second drive,
because the drives are still slower than the interfaces.

If you find swapfile performance is an issue, more likely
you need to add memory to the system, rather than (or at
least before) focusing on where that swapfile is.

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The adapter card is slower, because it must use PCI bus to
get the data to southbridge, while the integrated controller
is a southbridge function pseudo-parallel to the PCI bus.
That also means that using the PCI card will reduce PCI bus
time and bandwidth available to any other PCI devices which
may (or may not) need a lot of time.  Common cards needing a
lot of time are video capture cards, external USB/firewire,
sound cards, Gigabit network adapters.  The sound card is
the most commonly reported as problematic because listening
to audio is a real-time event... anyone will recognize sound
stuttering but far fewer people actually benchmark their
Gigabit or firewire performance (for example).

For this reason it's best to leave lesser used devices on
the PCI IDE controller.  Archival data drives or optical
drives (if they work ok on it, some controller cards have
problems with optical drives, and some require jumper or
bios changes, and some require at least one hard drive
connected to load the card bios , allow booting from any
optical drive connected to it.

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