Re: Slow if share IDE port between HDD and CD-ROM - Extender card?

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On Wed 17 Aug 2005 06:05:30, David Maynard wrote:
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So from what you say, if I have an XP system partition on one hard
drive then the swap file (assuming I want to fiddle with placing my
swap file) should not only be on another hard drive but that other
hard drive should be on another IDE channel.  Is this correct?


I also use a PCI card to give me an extra two IDE channels.  The card
is based on the Silicon Image 0680 Ultra-133 chip.  
(I don't use its RAID capability. )

In terms of performance does it make a difference if a 7200rpm hard
drive is on one of the two IDE channels on the motherboard (whose VIA
Via 266A/8235 chipset provides ATA133) rather on one of the IDE
channels on my adaptor card?

Thanks for any info



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