Re: Skybuck's updated dream pc design for 2005 (version 4)

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Or alternatively...

Instead of using two very power hungry 7800 GTX graphics cards... one could
choose two 7800 GT graphics cards... which consume a lot less wattage.

With the two power hungry 7800 GTX cards the needed wattage will be about
600 ! Give or take a little for fans and other unencounted things.

With the two less power hungry 7800 GT cards the needed wattage will be
about 568 ! Give or take little for the fans and other unencounted things.

So then the system should run just fine... even with extra usb mouses or
other usb devices attached to it...
(Currently the design will have a ps/2 keyboard and a ps/2 mouse... but the
power supply calculator doesn't include it ?)

Good thing I checked this wattage stuff man... because it turns out... this
is one power hungry motherfucka hahahahahaha lovely =D (euhm not really...
makes me cry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P:))


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