Re: Skybuck's Dream PC design for 2006 (Version 7)

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People with a 50k a year salary spend $30-$40 on CARS so why not 5k on a
computer?  It's called CREDIT.  I can't believe anyone would doubt the
buying power of anyone in this day and age.

L2335 Widescreen flat panel
AMD X2 4400
(2) 1GB Corsair 3500LL
Creative Labs Fatal1ty
(2) 7800GTX 512MB
(2) SATA2 Drives
Existing dual layer burner
L.I.S 2 panel
Nextherm ICS 8200ML case
No Floppy

This is my rig.  So as for the existing comments:

1. Theodore Baldwin Boothe III Wrote: "I doubt anyone with a brain in their
head would spend 10% of their income on a computer"

One thing you have failed to realize is that this also includes the monitor
which is something that should last through multiple computers.  Also why
are you hung up on 50k a year?  Are you pissed with your current job?  I
don't think anyone said this computer was for the middle class.  Alienware
is obviously in business for a reason and people (for whatever reason) buy
their $5,000+ computers on a regular basis.  My rig was just under $4,500.
But then again many parts will last through multiple machines.

2. Augustus Wrote: "XP can not load the RAID drivers from USB/DVD/CDR you
MUST have a floppy installed."

Actually you are wrong.  I myself have no floppy drive and had NO
issuesbooting my USB flash drive as drive A and loading drivers from it.
USB floppy emulation is a wonderful thing!

As you can see the system this guy described is pretty much the system I
have.  Upgrade the sound card, change the HDDs and optical drive...anyway
the core is "about" the same.  This system FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!  I exceed
10,000 with 3Dmark and Photoshop under XP x64 puts MACs to shame!  Yes I
know I loose my second video card under that OS but so what (that should
change later).  With regular XP I never skip a beat on anything and it's
only going to get better!  I could have waited and bought the second video
card for much cheaper at a later date but this was the first time I ever
splurged on a system and I wanted the absolute best within reason and got

3. Benjamin Gawert Wrote: "Well, since most of the components are thrown
together without any clue this computer probably would just be a waste of

Well, I can't speak for the OP but take my system above and my words above
and take that "as it is".  I'm curious though, why do you assume these specs
are without a clue?  I researched my system plenty and they are about the
same.  Plus I have much more then a "clue" to go by.  :)

Also, most of your comments are based on the fact that he wants ALL of the
included hardware.  You must have skipped over all the OPTIONAL comments.

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