Re: Recover data on Iomega network-hard-drive

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Hi Group,

I'm sorry for the cross-post, but the original post was to
microsoft.public.hardware, which does not exist any more.
Besides that, alt.iomega is pathetically small. Above that, I'm
not sure if this problem is hardware or software related.

Kaaiman wrote:
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I have exactly the same problem and I am curious if somebody can
shed some light on this. Maybe the original author?

My setup (when this happened):
Linux 2.2.12 (RedHat 6.1)
Samba 2.0.5a
smbmount 2.0.5a

Meanwhile I upgraded to:
Samba 2.0.7
smbmount 2.0.7

Also, I scanned the network disk itself, and found:
Linux 2.4.0
Samba 2.2.7a

I already contacted Iomega about this, but all they had to say
is: format the disk and start again. But I can't accept this
What if it happens again? I need to know the cause of the
problem first.

I also searched the groups, and I found at least two interesting
posts about people who mounted a samba share from a Windows
computer, then mounted the same share with smbmount.
Then they copied files (within Linux) to the share, went back to
their Windows machines, checked out the files and they were gone
on both the Windows and the Linux box!

These posts were *not* about the Iomega Network HDD, but they
led me to believe that maybe this is a SMB issue in general.


Re: Recover data on Iomega network-hard-drive

Daniel Boland wrote:
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Inside the enclosure is a standard IDE hard drive (usually). Of course,
to get it out, you have to open it up, which may void the warrenty. So
before you do, see if you can get IOMEGA to recover your data for you.

Connect it up to a free IDE channel, and see if you have access to the
You may wish to make a forensic quality disk image first. Some versions
of Norton Ghost can do this (not version 10, it's a worthless POS since
you can't do drive duplication).

After that, it's send the thing to a data recovery specialist.

Re: Recover data on Iomega network-hard-drive

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One other item.. It may be formatted as something other than NTFS or FAT. My
Linksys formats drives using EXT3, so you might want to find out what format
your NAS uses.

I have to use IFSDrive to read my NAS drives locally.

Re: Recover data on Iomega network-hard-drive

Hi group,

Thanks for the replies. I was at the verge of opening the case.
I had all the screws out. But I couldn't get the case open
anyway. It is too tightly constructed.

I don't want to give up my warranty, so I just reformatted the

Now its size has shrunk from 160 GB to 150 GB and when I try to
create a folder, I get an "access denied" error.

I will go for a refund or another brand of disk. I don't trust
the technology behind this disk anymore, and I certainly don't
like the way Iomega "helped" me.

Can anybody give me some hints to a good NAS solution?


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Re: Recover data on Iomega network-hard-drive

Daniel Boland wrote:
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I recently refurbished an Argosy network drive that actually liked. But
upon checking the website, it looks like they don't sell networked
storage anymore. too bad.

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