Re: Q: Why don't desktops us mobile cpus? -- My thanks to everyone!

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I just want to thank "everyone" for the interesting resposes.  

I wondered why AMD and Intel still bother with a "desktop" line for
home/office cpus now that they've created a "mobile" line.  
For the record both are trying to make cooler, quieter and more efficieint
cpus and de-emphasize making faster cpus.

I take the bottom line answer to be typical Texan answer "because
that's the way it always been done" or the best answer because they are
invested in that product line.

Yes, some people point to price, some point to performance and defended my question by pointing out that there
were desktop motherboards for "mobile" cpus.   BTW, I think his
answer is the most correct.

Again my thanks to everyone.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all.

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