Re: Power/Reset connector

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You'll need to either consult any available Dell
documentation to determine the connector pinout (for
example, IF the motherboard manual detailed it), take a
multimeter/continuity-meter and match the pins/wires to
their functions at their other ends, or just take it apart.

By taking it apart I mean to remove the switch(s) and LED(s)
from the case, then attach new wires.  You can probalby find
some suitable wires with connectors already on them by
cannibalizing an old case (for example one being thrown out
at a local computer shop), or by wading though pages of
parts you could find new connectors at an online electronics
house (like Digikey, but I have no parts # suggestions).

Another option along same line of thought is to cut off the
Dell-proprietary connector and just strip insulation off the
the appropriate wires, crimping appropriate connectors onto
them.  Another option is a piece of protoboard with some
pin-headers soldered on, an adapter if you will... then
jumper cables from that to the board.

If you want to try cannibalizing another case, you may find
you don't need reuse the Dell switches or LEDs at all. If
they are a common size and type then cables from an old case
may already have suitable LEDs and switches on them.

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