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I have never seen a power supply that had only SATA leads. The EIDE
hard drives use the same power connectors as optical drives.

What brand and model of power supply? Also, what did you disconnect
from the hard drives in question - SATA or MOLEX power leads?

Serial ATA connectors only work with SATA drives. The voltage
requirements and data throughput are different from the Parallel ATA
(PATA) connectors that use the 18-pin flat cables.  

The SATA power cables are the small flat plastic connectors. The EIDE
drives take the standard 4-pin MOLEX connectors.

Re: New Power Supply question

ok thank you.. went back to curcuit city and they told me the exact
same thing.. new at the whole computer fixing thing :D

Re: New Power Supply question

We ALL start there!

Have fun!

Re: New Power Supply question

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They told you the exact same what thing?

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Thank you.

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