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Ive replaced hundreds of motherboards ,over the last 3 years  with
faulty capacitors, all the  names Abit ,Gigabyte ,Albatron,MSI,EPOX,
ASUS,Azza etc , the faults are obvious , swollen capacitors, usually
a tan brown leaking substance from top or bottom.any mainboard 2
years old is suspect ( havent seen it on original intel boards)

Re: Leaking Motherboard Capacitors

On 10 Mar 2005 16:15:30 -0500, (techmagic)

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Are you certain they were _faulty_ though?
"failed" and "faulty" can be two different things.  A
completely, correclty functional cap put in a circuit with
excessive ripple or at too high a temp or voltage or ??? can
make it fail when it wasn't actually a faulty cap per se.

For example, generally speaking the Intel boards have some
very good caps on them, and more recent Abit and Albatron
too, Asus to a certian extent also and sometimes MSI,
considering mostly those in the supply circuitry that
(would) most commonly fail.

Generally the "faulty" caps depend more on specific brands
during specific eras.

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