Re: laptop topline amicus 3600

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Next time this happens, can you take note or an image in some way, of all
the content of the blue screen. Maybe someone will be able to come up with a
resolve from the blue screen content.



Hello this is an p3 933mhz , 256 mb memory, laptop running on win2000, the
problem is at any time, it gets stuck, i get this blue screen with the long
numbers of code and this driver file pcmcia.sys OR ntoskrnl.exe,
driver_rq1_not_less_or_equal. What does this mean exactly? the pcncia card
that i have is Dynalink l100Clv 10/100,

any help would be appreciated


Re: laptop topline amicus 3600

is it possible to just download the .sys files and then replace them??

I dont have the win2000 cd now

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Re: laptop topline amicus 3600

Irlan agous wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
 > then replace them??

It's always preferrable to use an installer.

I would first note the size, dates and version (if there is one) of the
files in question.  Then, use windows update to get to the most current
version.  Check size, dates and version again to see if those files have
been updated.

This appears to be the current drivers for your network card:

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