Re: laptop screen noise terminology?

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"JB" <> wrote in message news:...
I have a toshiba P30 mobile desktop.  It's heavy but it serves its purpose.
Occasionally, when I restart it, the screen will partially echo information
horizontal of the true pixels in the form of dos-cursor sized underscore
shapes. - certainly, the symptoms are digital in fashion (uniform noise
particle shapes) and not analog.

So A nice clean line like this

will turn out looking like the following in a noisy animated fashion...

|       -       _-        -
|       --     _        -
|        -                -

with the intended pixels repeated.

So that I may research this problem, I'd like to know what it might be
called?  Even better, if you know what causes this....

It would seem that the video memory is receiving a pixel map, but some logic
in the video card is randomizing the output - that the problem is after the
video memory, but before the monitor output.  Perhaps an AD converter is
picking up some noise somewhere that modifies the pixel output.. *shrug*.

Thanks in advance.


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