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Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 14:08:40 +0100

Bobby wrote:

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     the chemical compounds that make up a cell start decaying
     slowly from the moment they are made, the 36 months is a figure
     I have come up with based on experience...

Hi Guy... My experience is totally different! As I have 30 year old
Ni-Cads (although they are pretty bad shape, but they will still
hold a charge) and 10 year old lithium batteries (that still
operates like brand new). So how do you explain this Guy?

     there are some analogies to car tyres, fit 4 new one and

     1/ they will age, crack and rot in the garage even if you do
     zero miles, eventually

     2/ they will die very very quickly if you wheelspin away from
     one set of lights and screech to a halt at the next

     3/ they will last longest if used regularly, carefully,

My 1998 Dodge 1500 RAM van sports a 5.9 liter engine. And the weight
in the front is 3200 lbs. The rear weighs 1800 lbs. And it is so
easy just barely touching the throttle to make the right rear tire
spin on dry pavement (on wet, it is super easy). And I have never
noticed any wear on the this tire compared to the rest. In fact, the
front tires wear worse than any of the others. And this is a rear
wheel drive vehicle. My guess is that the weight is so light in the
rear, that tire wear from spinning of the tire has only a modest
effect at all.


Bill (using a HP Pavilion AMD 1.2GHZ under Windows 2000)
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Re: Laptop battery advice

On Tue, 03 May 2005 17:39:48 GMT, "BillW50"

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"Hold a charge" and "hold a useful charge" are two different
things.  I have decade old NiCads that will hold a charge,
and they have only a fraction of their rated capacity.  The
point is that nobody wants to lug around extra weight and
size but then still have poor runtime.  36 months might be a
conservative figure for those who aren't critical about
maximum runtime, but if your laptop used to run for 3 hours
and you "need" it to run for at least 2, 1.5 hours doesn't
quite cut it... if the laptop isn't dependable it's not
worth lugging around.

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