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On Thu, 19 May 2005 09:48:53 -0600, "bearman"

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If the line is a "gap", in that there is clear pattern to
it, there is no image (or text) data missing from the page,
it's probably a dirty or worn rollers and cleaning the
printer and/or replacing the rollers might help.  Could
instead be a worn gear, if you can see the gears and/or note
any play in a partiuclar spot, that's obvious enough.

If the line is in fact data missing from the image, you
might have a bad spot on the drum.  From your description
this seems less likely but you can remove the cartridge and
there is probably some release level you can hold in to free
up the drum and rotate it while inspecting it for flaws.

Re: HP Laserjet 1000 printer

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Thanks, Kony.  I'll delve further.

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