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Re: DVD-ROM drive

I tried looking for it in help and support, but it doesnt help at all.

Re: DVD-ROM drive

cubanboy wrote:
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I see no "References" entry in the header of your message, so if you're
replying to someone ("Re: ...") then we cannot see the original message
you are referencing.

If you need search terms for your problem, try "upperfilters lowerfilters".

Also, be careful editing the registry, as there have been
cases, where someone removed the "upperfilters/lowerfilters"
entry from their keyboard by accident, and completely
disabled the keyboard. You only want to make such adjustments
with respect to the key for the optical drive.

There are various people who offer scripts to fix the problem,
and each script should be opened with a text editor, with
notepad, to see what the script is doing.

This is a fancy one, with a bit more of a user interface. (I had
to use a hex editor on the .EXE file, to figure out that it is
changing the same registry entries as CDgone.)

This is the essence of what it is doing. The .reg file here,
contains changes to the registry. You should do some research
on the proper way to back up the registry, in case something
should go wrong. The registry file here, is deleting the
Upperfilters and Lowerfilters, with respect to the
4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 key. And also messing
with some services.

******* cdgone.reg *******






Since your posting does not contain details, I'm just guessing
that this might be your problem. I mean, the cable could be
unplugged, and that might give the same symptoms.


Re: DVD-ROM drive

cubanboy wrote:
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