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I've read the same garbage and I call bullshit on that entire statistic.


1. Why did my old house have WAY MORE dust then my current house?  PLASTER
WALLS!  Most of the "dust" in my old house was actually kicked up plaster.

2. Why, when I return to my cabin, is it FILLED WITH DUST even though no
human skin has been there for 8 months or more?  So if I don't clean for 8
months and I live there for 8 months I would have 95% MORE dust?
Bullshit......and yes the cabin is energy efficient.

Re: Dustless clothes ?

ISOHaven wrote:
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:-)  Are you *sure* there's nobody living there while you're
gone?  Huh?

  Bill D.
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Re: Dustless clothes ?

":-)  Are you *sure* there's nobody living there while you're gone?  Huh?"

Hum........  the least they could do is clean up a bit before they leave!

Re: Dustless clothes ?

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 15:37:22 -0800, in alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt ,

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Without looking it up I suspect that most of the statistics regarding
household dust assume a lived in house. An energy efficient
non-lived-in house is a very different situation, the causes of dust
could be different from most conditions. In my case our apt is full of
dust because we live in the city and the place is so hot in the winter
we have to have the windows open all of the time. (I mean it. As long
as the temp outside in above single digits F it is too hot with the
windows shut. That is with the radiators turned off, the heat is just
from the risers.)

Matt Silberstein

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