Re: Dustless clothes ?

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Sounds familiar...
<I work in my bedroom most of the time, so that's like...16 hours a day in

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If they shedded that much, you'd have literally no bed sheets in a week. ;-)

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Well, production uses tight clothes and strong ventilation (replacing air in
the room several times an hour).  But floor and ceiling grates and massive
fans and filters aren't practical or possible in an apartment.

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You might try... showering more often, ;) add fans and filters, or replace
your furnace filter more often at least, or just keep going around and
blowing the dust out of your computer and whatever every couple weeks.


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Re: Dustless clothes ?

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This fits to a central heating system and cleans the recirculated air.
Vacuum your room, have the air ducts in the heating system cleaned
with a vacuum cleaner, then turn this thing on. Expect to have to
remove and clean the filters frequently at first, and a bit less as
time passes.

This would be a bit extreme for your bedroom :-)
(Bunny suits to contain human particulate...)


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