Re: difference between DDRAM and SDRAM

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On Tue, 06 Apr 2004 17:39:21 -0400, Pen wrote:

This is what you said, you said that DDR RAM is the same as SDRAM. Here is
your quote exactly.

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It's not the same, it's a different architecture. I've been designing
computer systems for 30 years. I've used every generation of DRAM from the
4K generation (that's right K not M) to today's DDR RAMs. The DDR DIMMs
are larger because DDR RAMs have extra signals that aren't present on the
older SDRAMs specifically they have data strobe signals. You've obviously
never designed a CPU or a memory system, don't make statements about
things that you don't understand.

Re: difference between DDRAM and SDRAM

Well bully for you.
I think you must be suffering from Alzheimer's, perhaps
too much exposure to lead core solder? By deleting the
message I replied to you've destroyed the context of my post,
and really replying a year later. Unbelievable. Please let us know
who you allegedly design these memory systems for so we can
all avoid them.

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