Re: Dead new-build

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The first objectve is to get the POST (Power On Self Test) beep sound
as you power up, this you will get with the CD, DVD, floppy and hard
drive disconnected, but you will need the RAM and graphic card

Think the first thing 'I' would do is to ensure all the cards are
firmly inserted, some can require a firm 'push' on a new mobo, then I
would double check all the switch or link settings on the mobo, then
go into bios and check all the settings there, like CPU & RAM

Note if there is on-board graphics, some mobo's brands 'may' need this
to be selected in bios.

If any doubt with the settings try using 'Load Optimised Default' or
'Fail Safe Default', I use a 7VAXP mobo and kept a record of all the
original settings just in case....!

Some Gigabyte mobo's recommends certain brands of RAM when working
'flat out' or should I say with faster RAM speeds, maybe you could
check in the mobo handbook, in mine it's near the back of the book.

I assumed that all the mobo drivers, chipset etc have all been


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