Re: Bit of wire as good as an antistatic strap?

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Probably, but in well over ten years I have never used a real one
(still got it) no more than once, what a giant PIA thing they are,
more a novelty gimmick than a real tool.

Just touch the bare metal of the case inside and your good to go,
"BUT" having the box connected to power allbeit turned off completes
the true earth to your house wiring.

Some people make more static than others, just remember to touch the
metal before ripping out memory or cpu's.

Re: Bit of wire as good as an antistatic strap? (digisol) wrote:

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Personally I tend to rest my arm on the case while I'm working, just to
make sure that I maintain a grounded connection the entire time.

You still need to be careful to not build up too much static on the
components you're removing from static bags, but that's not usually too
big an issue.

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