Re: Bit of wire as good as an antistatic strap?

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Franklin wrote:

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A piece of copper wire (stripped of insulation, of course) wrapped around
your wrist would actually be much more effective than the anti-static
strap because the only connection point in the strap is the small button
in the very middle of the strap. The rest of the strap is, obviously
dielectric. HOWEVER, as many pointed out in this thread, there is a 1MOhm
resistor in series with the croc clip so you don't get electrocuted if you
touch a wrong part.

If you disconnect the mains power from the case you're working on (which
you should always do, anyways) you cannot ground yourself, but you can
electrically bond yourself to the case with the strap (or wire), which
prevents ESD when you're inserting a component, but it DOES NOT prevens
ESD when you pick a component up from the desk (which is assumed NOT to be
electrically bonded to the case). So, never open ESD-protective bags
BEFORE you bond yourself to the case you're working on.

Good luck and please don't fry yourself!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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