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On 30 May 2005 22:31:50 -0400, (digisol) wrote:

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Thats funny cause I had the A7n8 Deluxe version 2 . Thats why Im
inclined to blame the current crop of 3200 mem on sale cause it seems
different CL 3 , made in china many of them say. The others were made
in Taiwan or elsewhere I think or so the stickers say.

The Asus board I had , gave me no problems at all mixing and matching
the old crop of cheap but branded memory - PNY, Kingston , Centon 3200
512 sticks that were all CL 2.5 a year or so ago when 3200 was
beginnign to come down in price and there were lots of sales in the
48-58 range. Then suddenly like the video cards they sort of went up
in price the last year with more sales on 2700 instead of 3200 until
recently when the price of 3200 suddenly nosedived Newegg has had them
as low as 15-20 after rebates. However the new crop is different
almsot all of it is CL 3 so I figure maybe they shifted a lot of their
production to china and the new mem is slightly different. Maybe Im
totally wrong though.

The old mem as I call it --- all three sticks worked no sweat with my
Asus deluxe and that was my experience with older sticks of 2100 and
2700 so I took it for granted that being picky about mem was wasted
effort Ive never had big problems.

When I moved those old sticks a Kingston and Centon CL 2,5 to my
Chaintech AMD 64 nforce4 board once again no problems at all. The only
one I had was when the Kingston went bad after a few months and it was
over a year old. They sent me a replacement and once again no problems
- it was CL 2,5.. I used an old PNY stick from another system 3200 CL
2.5 -- another old stick which i bought a while ago during the testing
phase so once again NO problems. So theres a pattern there -- the old
CL 2.5 sticks give me no problems on systems.

Now the new CL 3 sticks I bought and I was bummed from the start that
they seemed to have changed the current crop of 3200 to CL 3 but its
given me nothing but problems. From not working at all out of the box
without errors no matter what settings I changed to not working by
itself but not with any CL 2.5 sticks.

So Im blaming the new sticks. They seem lower quality. But it could be
that they work well with each other - other newer type CL 3 sticks and
thats the key and that some are just not as compatible as the older CL
2.5 sticks (like the recent Kingston CL 3 I bought that didnt work at
all without errors or could be it was a fluke and was just a bad
stick) . Since I dont tons of whining posts about bad mem everywhere
though I have seen a few --- maybe thats it , the new crop works well
with other CL 3 sticks but not too well with the old sticks.

The possibility is my board the Chaintech works well with the old CL
2.5 sticks but just doesnt work that well with the CL 3 and its not
the sticks. Ill have to ask around - other Chaintech owners and see
what their experience is with new sticks. The problem is a lot of the
people who buy new AMD systems are into higher end brand sticks rather
than the cheaper model Kingston, PNY sticks.

My inclination though right now is to stick with CL 2,5 which is
hardly ever on sale anymore in the Kington PNY and Centon sales and
many other brands. Like I said it seems like they all had CL 2.5
sticks then as the mainstream 3200 batch which were on sale and they
seemed to have substituted some CL 3 type made in china sticks all
over the industry for their bottom cheapo entry level sticks. They
still make the CL 2.5 obviously which they gave me when I RMAd my old
stick which went bad. So Im thinking they jacked up the price on the
cheap CL 2.5 stuff and its all considered higher end stuff though
Newgg has had a few sticks by various brands on sale that was CL 2.5 ,
while they came out with even cheaper quality sticks for the current
sales. I could be wrong and maybe the new sticks though CL 3 and
slightly slower than the CL 2.5 are about the same quality its just my
board needs a new bios that makes it all more compatible who knows.

Im not that worried about the contact aspect though Ive had memory
problems due to dirty contacts like I always whine about, However in
this case all my old sticks always work fine its the brand new sticks
CL 3 in the same slots that work wacky or dont get along with the
other slots except maybe the purple slot - using over two slots , that
possibly could be a contact problem but I did it over and over and
over and never go them to work right . Im going to ask around it maybe
the purple slots are just troublesome who knows.

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