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I am not a gamer, unless Quarrentine and Flight Sim count,but I do
appreciate lots of hi-res video output.
Is the radeon a one chip two ouput card? I am asking a generic
question, as I have Appian Hurricanes that have the ATI Radeon VE
processor and have found them lacking in general.  Appian Jeronimo
2000's have performed flawlessly, along with an nVidea vanta,or each

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my above comments aside, the program will have to understand that it
is running on a multi monitor system, some work well, some work ok,
winamp has the best "understanding" of any program I have seen for
multi monitor, as in it will play full screen video on any monitor
attached to my system while I work on the others(with the

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The above question, I cannot imagine working. Same problem with the
single/2out vs the 1 processor per output, logic of the desktop and
spanning 2 monitors vs 3 monitors as parts of the desktop. This
paragraph is the key, only understood by me from the diff in the
single/dual chip "desktop property" advanced tab settings. The radeons
had to run at the same res, the permedias allow different res/monitor
and the desktop is "in relation" to the monitor physical layout, the
radeons could not account for one monitor being "way up over there"
and others on top of the desk

Find a pci ati solution, you may find that you get the best of the ATI
drivers and the monitor layout you need (moot if program in question
does not understand multiple monitors)

for comparison...


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