RDRAM help needed (oddball question)

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I recently found a *new* P-4 machine in the trash!
Someone had started to build it then gave up...
and now I see why. It uses the expensive RDRAM (which was missing)

Anyway...I purchased *one* stick of 256megs on ebay only to discover
that the machine requires it to be installed in pairs...
so I ended up purchasing another 256 meg stick...but it was not identical
to the first. (yes a dumb mistake)

I eventually got a matched set of RAM (128meg sticks) and confirmed that
the machine works...but I am now stuck with 2 not-matched RDRAM sticks.

If anyone in the USA uses RDRAM and could test it and possibly work out
some kind of swap (weighted in your favor) please email me at

philo_565 at yahoo dot com

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