randomly shutting down laptop

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Hi Folks,

We had a laptop in for repair it was dropped in my lap dispite little
experience with laptops.  The reported fault was that it would shutdown
during a Norton AV scan.

I quickly realised that it would shut down, without warning, without
shutdown procedure (straight to off) at any time and it was a real
battle to backup all the files.

So i decided to reinstall the OS, but I can't reinstall the OS because
it will just keep restarting half way through.

It definately sounds like Hardware to me but which bit?


PS It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro

Re: randomly shutting down laptop

This is often due to overheating. The fan can get partially blocked with
dust on these machines (is it a A60 with a celeron by any chance?). Try
cleaning any dust you can get at from the fan area. To give time for
troubleshooting / data recovery try adding temporary external cooling (e.g.
an extra fan).


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Re: randomly shutting down laptop

cheers folks,

he has decided to buy  a new laptop.


Re: randomly shutting down laptop

darren wrote:
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That's nice.  Everything is crystal clear, due to the careful
quoting, context and threading.  Why do people post these idiotic

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