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I am looking to upgrade my RAM from 512 to 1 GB.

I have the following specification for my laptop:
2 * 256 = 512 MB, 233MHz, Sony Vaio PCG-K33.

I have couple of option to buy the RAM.  I have decided to buy from one
of the below mfg.

PC2700 333MHz.  I think this will be backward compatible for PC2100.
a) K-Byte :  This comes bit cheaper
b) Kingston : Bit expensive.  

Please help me out.


Re: ram review

If you want memory guaranteed to work;
and use memory config app
cheap is always the solution, particularly with memory

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Re: ram review

krecmech@gmail.com wrote:

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I've had so many failures with both of those brands that I wouldn't buy
either except from local dealers that offer 100% money-back guarantees,
like Fry's (see www.salescircular.com for local deals).  In fact the
last Kingston I bought, a 512MB PC3200 ValueRAM, showed at least 5
errors when tested with Gold Memory (none with MemTest86, but I've had
other modules pass Gold Memory and fail MemTest86), although its
replacement was fine.

Re: ram review

why would you pay more than you need to for laptop ram?
krecmech@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: ram review


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Why would you pay more for *anything*?
Because it may make a difference, some memory isn't as
extensively tested or may not be as high a spec, not derated
as much so it has lesser compatibility with marginal
mainboards or those where the user won't (Or can't, a lack
of settings in the bios) change memory timing to gain

IMO, if you want to shop at the bottom of the market for
memory you're best off buying it locally from someplace with
a good return policy.  Avoid bottom-feeders on Pricewatch as
some don't even operate inside the law.

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