RAM intolerant Gigabyte mobo - replacement suggestions?

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Hi all,

OK this is going to sound a bit vague ...

Well after 4 hours of testing yesterday (using MemTest) not only have I
discovered 1 bad and 1 questionable stick of RAM, I've also found out that
one of my DIMM slots appears to be fecked (I.E. if I install a good stick of
RAM in slot #2 the PC will not POST). Ah at least I know where all the
BSOD's are coming from!

Anyhow, I'm currently running with 1GB of RAM which is fine and dandy (apart
from BF2 which takes an age to start & exit) but I'm now thinking new mobo.
Now I like Gigabyte boards (the Dual BIOS has saved my PC bacon a couple of
times!) but I'm wondering about the ASUS, ABIT or MSI NF4 boards - anyone
got any views on reliability, technical support access and overclocking of
these choices? The DFI boards interest me as well but I understand they need
a great deal of tweaking to get the best out of them?

Or, what an ATI based motherboard - any pitfalls with these e.g. do they
play nicely with nvidia video cards?



Sys spec/config
AMD A64 3200+ (Winchester)
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI (F10 BIOS)
2 GB RAM (4 x 512 MB Crucial Ballistix DIMM's) PC4000
USB SB Audigy 2 NX
OCZ 530 Watt PSU
Viewsonic VA1912w 19" LCD

OS: WinXP Home SP2

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