RAM density

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Is my MS-6167 mobo so old that I need to be concerned about RAM density
when buying RAM?

Re: RAM density

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 03:07:01 GMT, Richy

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My memory of AMD750 is a bit vague but IIRC, you can only
have 128MB/bank so a 256MB module will need be double sided,
16 chips.

Re: RAM density

I'm confused. Can someone explain what these build numbers mean that I'm
seeing on the memory web sites? 16x8 vs. 16x16? What does each number
refer to? And how can both 8x16 and 16x16 be the same size module?

I would think that "low density" would mean the memory is spread out
over more chips meaning you would need 16 16MB chips on a 256MB module
as opposed to, say 8 32MB chips.

So obviously I don't understand what the build numbers refer to.

kony wrote:
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Re: RAM density

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