Raid problems

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I posted a question a while ago about a raid system that wouldn't boot after
a faulty drive was replaced and the raid 1 array was rebuilt. After much
stuffing around I finally found the problem. Every time the new drive was
inserted the bios would change the boot priority to give priority to the
data array. When I removed the drive again it would set priority back to the
array I was booting off. Is this something that raid systems would normally
do or is it a bug in this boards bios?


The configuration I have is 2 x 80 gig sata drives raided as raid 1 to
create C drive
and 2 x 160 gig sata drives raided as raid 1 to create D drive.

Re: Raid problems

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I think this is "normal" :-) There have been complaints before,
about the boot selection changing when any drive is added or
removed. The best policy, is anytime you add or remove drives,
go into the BIOS and verify the hard drive boot selection.

I don't think this problem is limited to RAID volumes. It
happens with non-RAID too.


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