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Does it make sense to set a PC up with an operating system drive, and
two "document drives" in a RAID1 array?

There's a practical benefit to having a seperate operating system and
document drives, and I would like the safety net of mirroring the
document drive.  I just don't know if having a mixed system presents any

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Grinder wrote:
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I just added a Raid1 array to my setup. No complications here. Vista
just sees it as another hard drive.

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It depends on your system usage and the capabilities of your system
components, however here is some help:

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On Thu, 02 Apr 2009 22:31:40 GMT, Grinder

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Yes there is sense in it, but, it only safeguards against a
drive failing.  These days, with Win7 corrupting audio
filesin it's beta, with viruses targeting various data
types, RAID1 is best seen as a way to maintain 24/7 uptime
for the data volume, if anything other than immediate access
is important then it does not replace, and often is better
replaced by an offline backup of that data.

There are no significant complications, just be sure that
if/when you might someday make changes to the array, that
the interface to it makes it clear, that you know what you
are doing.

Generally speaking, RAID1 is good for mission critical
purposes, but if someone has a home filestore, no immediate
uptime vs. profits need, a separate non-raid backup that
stays offline/inaccessible until being backed up, seems the
safer strategy... or do both... Have the RAID1 array _AND_
the offline backup of it.

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