Raid 1 [Set-up?] Problem

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  Just experimenting with RAID 1 on my machine but I'm encountering a
slight, but rather fundamental, problem.

I'm using the GB7VAXP-U mobo and I've got a Seagate 6.4 and 10Gb (IDE) set
in mirror in the BIOS (Promise 'Lite'?) which built the array OK (via create
and mirror).  The 6.4 had an installation of XP Pro which got mirrored onto
the other but on boot up it scans the ide under the promise controller and
then I get a blank screen.

Both h/d will boot OK individually on IDE controllers (which are set to auto
detect in BIOS)

Trying a reinstallation it again seems to stop just as it boots from the CD
when you get the analysing system configuration line - but rather than the
'usual blue screen I get just that on one line b+w at the top of the screen.

Has anyone got any ideas on this?

begin 666 4-dontknow.gif
MP K3W/UE+B*=&1T]:< PN:0]LI^F]@(`(?D$!48``P`L`````"4`#P```EZ<
MCSG"K \C"Y2ZB)^HW&9]-%LW6DV(">A"`J6ZK(@(QZ4%N,&DUK3Q`[(J#9W

Re: Raid 1 [Set-up?] Problem

did you install the raid drivers (F6 when doing xp install)?

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Re: Raid 1 [Set-up?] Problem

Well, for one thing, in order to set up a RAID array you need to use two
harddrives of exactly the SAME capacity of GB's.


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Re: Raid 1 [Set-up?] Problem

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Not always true. I have Raid1 using a 200gb and a 120gb drive. Its just
dumbdowns to 120gigs total. It leaves me 60gb useless, but for my important
files, I dont mind. Its more important to have the drives at the same
speed/brand. Seing the copacity of his drives, I would say that they are
unreliable assuming that they are very old and slow. I dont know if that
will have any affect on his problem though.

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