RAID 0 Detecting Array

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I have a little problem with RAID0 (Striped).

Here is my computer rig.

Asus M2N-E Motherboard
2x Western Digital Raptor (36gb) RAID 0
1x Maxtor DiamondMax 10 (80gb)
1x Esternal USB HDD (80gb)
1024 MB Corsair DDR2 533MHz RAM
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Socket AM2
GeForce 7600GS 512MB PCI-Express
Sony DVD/CD-RW Combo
Floppy Drive
480w Antec PSU

The two raptor drives I have are in a bootable RAID0 which works ok but
there is a teeney problem with it.

When i reboot or boot it occasionally says "Detecting Array" and never
actually finds anything it just hangs at "Detecting Array".

I'm not sure about the technicalities of RAID all i know is that its using
MediaShield 6.xx

can anyone tell me whats happening here and maybe how I can stop it?



Re: RAID 0 Detecting Array

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I solved it, dont know what it was initially, but removed my DVD drive as
some parts of the web suggested, it didnt work afterwards so i didn't think
it was that.

I left the DVD drive unplugged and also unplugged my other hard drive which
wasnt a part of the RAID, this didn;t work either.

So i went into the BIOS and made it so that the only boot item in the boot
priority list was the hard drive, it now works flawlessly, I have plugged my
DVD drive and other hard drive back in and it works without a problem.

Hope no one else gets this problem it can be annoying.

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