Question regarding Dual Memory..

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Quick question re: dual memory...

I have an HP a1310n.. 4 memory slots - all white sockets...

I'm new to 'dual channel'.. in terms of memory... it was printed on the
memory stick package I just bought...

What does this mean in terms of my motherboard?

I have a 1 gig stick in slot 1, a 512 in slot 2, a 512 in slot 3,
slot 4 is empty...

Is this optimum? Thanks!

(Old school was the largest in the first slot, etc... )



Re: Question regarding Dual Memory..

For you to take advantage of dual channel memory you have to have two sticks
of the exact same memory that are use in pairs (ie slot 1+2 or 1+2,3+4).
Since not all memory is the same you can't take advantage of dual channel
memory.  It's not that much of a performance boost if any to worry about.

---Matthew Hicks

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