Question on wireless modem/switch

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Do i have to stay-connected to my laptop via USB or can I connect ONLY
the modem to adsl-line and then manage it from other rooms?

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Question on wireless modem/switch

Fabri wrote:

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This device seems to offer the usual browser-based management which should
be accessible from anywhere on the network, including wireless access.  You
must be more careful when making security changes over a wireless
connection since there is the potential of locking yourself out of access
to the router.  If/when that happens, you can just move the laptop and plug
in an ethernet cable.  No usb on that puppy.

Re: Question on wireless modem/switch

Roby wrote:

Pardon for totally switching topics here.  I know that in the past
Roby, you've recomended the Asus WL-330g, and I believe that you use a
pair of these?  If you would please contact me via e-mail at

Thank you,


Re: Question on wireless modem/switch

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For your laptop to have wifi access to the internet, LAN, or
the above router, your laptop will have to have the wifi
card in it OR have a wifi network adapter (hooked up by USB
if it doesn't have an internal card).  There is no other USB
connection necessary for the above linked router or modem
(when the modem is hooked directly to the router).

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You can manage it with any system connected to it, either by
connection using network cable OR connection to it with
wifi.  Once you have it set up properly there is no need for
a physical wire connection from it to anything but the
modem.  However, until you get it set up correctly (or in
caes of problems like misconfiguration) then you may not
have wifi connection working so in such cases you could need
to connect a cable to it (or use another system that is able
to connect to it) to reconfigure it for correct wirefess
funciton again.  In general this shouldn't be necessary,
once it is working it should remain so with no need to
reaccess unless you had specific reconfiguration needs.

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