Question on LG 1750SQ LCD Monitor

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Hi all,

I have just bought a LG 1750SQ LCD monitor and is puzzled by the fact that
this monitor does not know when to go to sleep.

When I power down the machine, the monitor keeps displaying this message box
"Check Signal Cable", albeit it moves around the screen much like a screen
saver. Of course there is no signal - the machine is shutdown stupid!

Is this normal for LG Monitor? I have Dell and Acer monitors and they know
when to go to sleep unlike this one.

Even when the XP Pro is running and decides to power down the monitor after
the pre-determined time, this messages pops up. Very damn annoying. Is this
by design or lack of design?

I have even installed the LG Monitor driver (which I cannot see what
'enhanced' effect it has). This is the first time I deal with LG hardware
and is not impressed.



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