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Who is making the most solid NVidia cards these days? PNY, BFG, eVga,
XFX etc.  Just looking for opinions on brand to settle a dispute. I need
general opinions.


Re: Question on Graphics Cards

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Ive always heard BFG but frankly I think all of them seem OK. Ive
heard people praise and bash other brands like PNY.  Ive owned several
PNYs from the 400mx to the 6800 and they were fine. I got the 6800 in
2005 at one of those great COMPUSA BF deals. I think one guy or a few
had problems with the PNYs sold by them and they started being bashed.
One guy had a capacitor rolling around his box. I think everyone
outsources now to cheap Asian manufacturers so everyone can have
problems. I was skeptical about his story about a  cap rolling around
in his box but I ordered a MSI 550 TV tuner based on the ATI chip
and yup, found a cap rolling around the box. I wondered if somehow an
extra cap was thrown in there. However looking closely at the card I
saw that the two spindly leads had broken at the base of the card
where it was soldered and was missing from the board.

In general Ive heard good things about PNY ---- how they OCed well
etc.  Ive got a BFG now though. I havent seen anyone bash that brand
yet. Ive seen generally postive posts about XFX too. eVGA generally
postive but Ive seen a few bashers.

Re: Question on Graphics Cards

Thanks for the reply, that was basically the ideas I have had. Everyone
has their own preference when it comes to cards. They also seem to like
to bash the hell out of something they have had a problem with lol

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