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I have a low end ECS P4M800-M7 with a relative old P4 HT chip (not a
dual core one). The motherboard is socket T, and supports P4HT and
Celeron D, according to manufacturer info. Now my question is: Since I
have a spare Core2Duo chip, if I replace the old P4 chip, will it work
(not considering the performance)?
Thanks for your help!

Re: question on CPU compatibility wrote:
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You cannot install Core2 Duo, unless the ECS web page for the product
tells you the motherboard is designed for it.

Core2 Duo has a different voltage regulator spec assigned to it.
Some motherboard products were respun, and only the regulator circuit
was changed to run Core2 Duo. I cannot tell you whether the difference
between the modified motherboard and original motherboard, is a
destructive one or not (as in ruin your Core2 Duo by sticking it
in a non-Core2 Duo motherboard).

With the low price of motherboards, there is no reason to endanger a
processor like that, by sticking it in a board not rated for it.
Simply find a motherboard that is rated for Core2 Duo. And preferably
a motherboard with a real FSB1066 chipset on it. (Generally speaking,
the very cheapest motherboards are the ones with the dodgy chipsets
on them, and those may not overclock worth a damn. Cheap motherboards
are good for stock speed operation only.)

For example, in these customer reviews, one person writes
"Can't overclock higher then 290Mhz" versus the stock 266MHz
clock speed for FSB1066. So this particular cheap board only overclocks
by 9 percent, due to the chipset used. Barring other issues, nothing
wrong with making an office PC out of one of these.


Re: question on CPU compatibility

The Core 2 Duo will NOT work in that board.  That CPU requires a current
BIOS that handles Core 2 Duo's.


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