Question on Correct CPU for my K8M8MS MOBO

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Hi - I'm back again.  Still looking to get a 3400+ (not Sempron) CPU
for my MACH SPEED JK8M8MSR2-VC socket 754 motherboard.

The MOBO manual states the MOBO supports 800MHz CPU frequency.
I am hesitant as to what CPUs I should consider, since most I see
quote freqs above that (e.g. 1600MHz).

ADA3400AIK4BO is an example

Sorry to be a pest - can someone help here?

Thanks -

Re: Question on Correct CPU for my K8M8MS MOBO

Jethro wrote:
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I visited a few motherboard manufacturer web sites, and they
just don't seem to support Athlon 64 Venice E3 3400+ S754.
That would be one of these (ADA3400AIK4BO).

"AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Venice 2.4GHz 512KB L2 Cache Socket 754 - OEM"

Now, what is funny, is Newegg has some "bundles", where they
offer you both the processor _plus_ a motherboard for the
same price as the processor alone ($99). Click the orange
"combo deals" button on the main product page for the processor.
The price of the bundle is the same as the processor alone,
so the motherboard is free with the bundle purchase.

If I look up one of the bundled motherboards, it doesn't support
that E3 processor, and yet Newegg is bundling this motherboard
and processor together,

like all the other companies I've looked at, it doesn't support
an Athlon64 3400+ E3 S754 processor. In fact CPU support seems
to be more or less the same with all the companies I looked at,
implying support is provided by the BIOS coders at Award or AMI
and not by the motherboard manufacturers themselves.

You can take the fact that Newegg is bundling the E3 with a couple
motherboards for free, as proof that the processor can work with
motherboards that don't officially list it. If you buy a Newegg
bundle, that will reduce the risk in your purchase. If the K8M8MS
won't work with the ADA3400AIK4BO, then the bundled motherboard

And as I explained in a previous posting, the 800 versus 1600
number is irrelevant, as all S754 processors have exactly
the same interface to their motherboards. 800MHz is the maximum
clock frequency of the interface. 1600Megabits per second is
the data rate of an individual signal on the interface. (The
interface is a double data rate type.) The two numbers mean
the same thing, except the advertisements lack any engineering
discipline and do not mention the units of measure. So don't
worry about those numbers, no matter how misquoted they
happen to be.

Buy a bundle and be happy :-)

Don't forget to buy a heatsink/fan for your S754 processor,
as the above processor is OEM only and comes with no cooling
solution. Only a "retail PIB" product comes with heatsink
and fan. There is no PIB offering for the 3400+ E3,
according to the desktop section of .


Re: Re: Question on Correct CPU for my K8M8MS MOBO

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Thanks again, Paul tells me that This board is compatible with all
socket 754 Processors as long as they are not the FX line.  So I guess
I can go forward with no worries.


Re: Re: Question on Correct CPU for my K8M8MS MOBO

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Hi Paul

I decided that your suggestion to buy a CPU/MOBO bundle, and work that
to my situation.  I checked that day to verify what you said was
available at Newegg. which was.  

However, I had an emergency come up which prevented me from placing an
order.  Wouldn't you know that today, those bundles are nowhere to be
seen.  I guess I missed the boat, dang it.

Oh well.

Thanks anyway


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