Question on AMD Athlon 64 CPU

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I am in the market for a Socket 754 3200+ Athlon 64 CPU.

I see that there are the following on
for this 3200+ CPU:

OEM #                      BOX PART #        CORE

ADA3200AEP4AX  ADA3200AXBOX  'NewCastle'
ADA3200AEP5AP  ADA3200BOX      'ClawHammer'
ADA3200AEP5AR  ADA3200BOX      'ClawHammer'

I have even seen other model part # variations on other sites.

It bothers me why there are these variations of this CPU.  I am
wondering if they will all fit my Mach Speed K8M8MSR2-VC MOBO
and which is better and why.

Can anyone advise?



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