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Can anyone tell me if V2 ATX power supplies have the same plugs as the
older ones?

I recently moved to the US and I am having the insides of my computer
shipped from Australia. To save on shipping I have decided to buy a
new tower, but im concerned there might be some compatibility issues
with my old Abit BD7 (I know its ancient, but I have some decent
hardware attached to it - it's by far the oldest part of my system and
I am not in a financial position to upgrade at this time). The PSU I
have at home in AU is an Antec Smartblue from a few years ago - it
only weights 2.5kg so Im wondering if I should ship that too if v2
power isn;t going to be compatible.

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I don't know the formal specs for V2 ATX, but in practice they have
all the old plugs plus SATA, 6-pin SLi, 4-pin ATX12V (may be an 8-pin
connector that can be split in two), and a 24-pin main mobo connector
with a 4-pin detachable portion for compatibility with mobos that need
a 20-pin connector.

It's possible that your SmartBlue is about to fail because of its
Fuhjyyu brand capacitors.  They have a terrible track record (search
for "Fuhjyyu syndrome"),  especially in Antecs, which run hot because
of their slow fans, and I had a couple of 300W SmartPowers of about
the same age develop bulging caps.  Apparently this problem persists
with current SmartPowers, TruePowers, and Neos (but not NeoHEs), all
which are built by Channel Well Technology (you may be able to see
"CWT" printed on a transformer).  They also manufacture other brands,
including Xclio.  Fortunately Antec is moving away from Channel Well,
and their EarthWatts, NeoHE, and Trio PSUs made by Seasonic and their
Basiqs by Fortron-Source, none of which contain Fuhjyyu capacitors but
Teapo or CapXon instead.  I bought a 500W Antec Basiq from Fry's a
couple of week ago for $8, after rebate.

Re: Question about v2 power supply

On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 20:56:27 -0000,

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Your board isn't "that" old when it comes to PSU, just like
newer boards it has the 4 pin 12V connector for CPU power
and other needs are typical - 20 pin connector to board
which can be a 24 (as 20+4 pin detachable type newer PSU
have) with only the first 20 plugged in.

The main question of compatibility would be same as always,
whether the new PSU has ample current for the system and
whether it's decent or some came-free-with-case piece of
junk.  Not all that come with cases are junk but it's a
common problem.

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